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Data Annotation for ADAS and AD

High-quality training and test data is essential in the development and validation of ADAS systems which lay the foundation for autonomous driving technology.

Our mission is to minimize your efforts and maximize your results!

Our solutions are focused on high-quality data, automation of annotation process, optimization of costs and time expenditure as well as on valuable technical consultancy. The performance of our 2D and 3D annotation methods for camera, RADAR and LIDAR data is based on our extensive expertise in the field of machine learning algorithms and the latest autonomous driving technologies.

Successful Annotation Projects with CMORE!

We conduct a number of successful annotation projects for OEMs and Tier-1s, providing comprehensive support and know-how for the development and validation of ADAS algorithms.

Our Added Value

  • We ensure a consistent level of high-quality data for the duration of the project through our elaborate controlling system.
  • We help you to reduce the annotation effort required using automation.
  • We take over the management of the whole project.
  • Our experts provide professional consultancy on both strategic and technical matters.
  • We determine the label specifications based on the project requirements.
  • We define, support and optimize the annotation process for you.
  • We plan and organize all the resources needed in the process.
  • We assign a single contact person to you in order to maintain an effective and clear communication flow.

Professional Services

Our high level of quality is a result of excellent planning and management, specialist know-how, elaborate quality control, effective solutions, exact tracking and forecasting.

Effective Management of:

  • Resources
  • Data Storage & Processing
  • Quality


Smart Software for:

  • Project tracking
  • Workforce organization

Professional Support by:

  • Technical consulting
  • Coaching of labeling teams
  • IT equipment

Precise Reporting of:

  • Project progress
  • Labeling accuracy
  • Team statistics
  • Customer specific KPIs


A smart and efficient way to label your data in 2D and 3D.

C.LYTIX - Automated Labeling Framework

Label millions of hours’ worth of data in a matter of days!

Innovative Software Tools

Our in-house developed labeling software tools are designed to reduce the annotation effort and minimize costs.

Learn more about C.LABEL and the levels of automation that you can access with our tool in order to optimize your project results.

Scalable Workforce

We offer scalable labeling teams in Germany and internationally, from tens to hundreds of labelers, depending on your project needs!

Labeling Team Setup:

  • Project manager from CMORE Germany
  • National and international quality control teams
  • National and international teams of labelers


  • Fast scaling of team to suit every project
  • Efficient workforce setup
  • Experienced labeling teams
  • Cost-effective solutions

Flexible service packages

Depending on project goals you may choose freely the combination of services you need. 
In addition to data labeling we offer all the services around it - from the clarification of project specifications and data acquisition up to data management and data engineering.

Your benefits

  • Turn-key solutions
  • Professional consulting
  • Best price-to-quality ratio
  • Data enrichment




Data Labeling

  • Data management
  • Labeling
  • Quality control

Data Acquisition& Data Labeling:

  • Data collection
  • Data management
  • Data engineering
  • Labeling
  • Quality control

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