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From functional software requirements to final software release

Our strengths lie in the development of embedded software for electronic control units in vehicles and mobile working machinery, the development of algorithms and functions for autonomous driving as well as industrial automation.

We have experience in various development processes such as V-Model as well as recent approaches such as Agile, Test-Driven Development and Acceptance Test-Driven Development.
Our objective is to support you competently throughout all product phases, from requirements analysis up to integration, validation, verification and maintenance. With that, we ultimately ensure software of consistently high-quality.

  • Embedded Software Development

    • Automotive embedded software for series applications
    • Software requirements management
    • Software architecture definition
    • Integration and configuration of AUTOSAR stack
    • Diagnostics
    • Automotive Network Communication
    • Bootloader development
    • Functional Safety Strategies
    • Automation of integration process

    Verification and Validation

    • Concepts for automation of software tests
    • Implementation of automated software testing
    • Implementation of software verification (static tests, white box tests)
    • Automated sensor testing
    • Automated integration testing
    • Software validation
    • Experience in standard software tooling

    Algorithm Development

    • Image processing
    • Detection and tracking optimization for radar & lidar sensors
    • Feature extraction
    • Classification 
    • Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
  • Tooling and Measurement Development

    • Measurement software development
    • Customized tooling
    • Tool development and scripting for analysis
    • Driver development for new hardware interfaces


From system requirements to approval of series production

The area of test and validation plays a crucial role in automotive and industrial development processes. Thanks to our expertise, we make significant contributions, ensuring high quality systems and optimization of costs.

We create complete validation concepts for all project phases and, based on these, conduct standardized and customer-specific tests in the laboratory, on the test track as well as on the open road.

  • Test Management

    • Consultation and definition of test strategies
    • Test planning; from prototyping to series production
    • Specific consulting services for validation of ADAS sensors
    • Planning and definition of test cases, test criteria and final KPIs
    • Planning of tool chains and specification of tools
    • Coordination of tests and data analysis
    • Documentation and controlling of test process
    • Reporting of test results

    Reference systems

    • Reference systems for driver monitoring systems
    • Ground Truth System conception
    • Ground Truth System development and setup
    • Integration of Ground Truth System in vehicle
    • Data annotation for generation of Ground Truth Data
    • KPI Analysis

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    Test Drives

    • Planning and conduction of worldwide endurance test drives for data acquisition
    • Conduction of in-vehicle algorithm performance tests on public roads (special driving maneuver)
    • Fleet management

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  • Data Labeling

    • Generation of ground truth data using in-house or customer-specific label tools
    • Assembly of flexible labeling teams to suit volume and complexity of data
    • Optimization of labeling process
    • High-quality labeling with the best price-performance ratio
    • Data quality control and management

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    System Testing

    • Conduction of laboratory SIL / HIL tests
    • Conduction of system tests on public roads or proving grounds (using vehicle and pedestrian soft targets)
    • Planning and conduction of standardized tests according to EuroNCAP/NHTSA ( AEB City, AEB inter-urban)
    • Conduction of benchmarking tests (e.g. radar performance tests)
    • Conduction of sensor calibration tests
    • Evaluation of radar properties and performance

    Analysis & Simulation

    • Definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) for specific functionalities and algorithms
    • Analysis of data according to customer specific test specification
    • Evaluation of test results according to test criteria
    • Summary of results, generation of KPIs
    • Preparation of final reports for release recommendation
    • Development of specific tooling for analysis
    • Conduction of online and offline simulations
    • Coordination of experienced teams for analysis of simulation results (definition of KPIs, reports, releases)
  • Data Management

    • Local, in-vehicle storage solutions
    • Database and data warehouse
    • Big Data solutions for large amounts of videos and images
    • In-memory computing solutions for fast access and processing of complex measurements


From initial idea to product realization

We engineer customized components as well as equip prototype vehicles for the testing of new electronic systems.

Our extensive knowledge ranges from individual measurement components, such as special mechanical solutions for in-vehicle mounts, to the complete wiring and fitting of prototype vehicles.

  • Prototype Workshop

    • Complete equipping and preparation of prototype vehicles
    • Build-up and maintenance of prototype vehicles and fleets
    • Design of special concepts for wiring and fitting as well as for prototype modifications to ensuring the best sensor integration for challenging in-vehicle positions
    • Functional and mechanical sensor integration

    Measurement Systems

    • Design and Development of intelligent measurement concepts
    • PODBOX - Multifunctional measurement and diagnostic system 
    • Data acquisition and data managament systems
    • Concepts and implementation of reference systems
    • Development, design and assembly of LED/HMI systems
    • Test automation using standard or customized frameworks
    • Design and construction of custom test benches in the laboratory or in-vehicle (e.g. HIL test benches and endurance test)

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    Measurement Equipment

    • Design and construction of customer-specific components in every use case
    • Design and construction of special components, ensuring highly support in testing activities, such as
      • various camera mounts
      • hard drive and SSD mounts
      • adaptable seat wedges
    • Re-lay of special cables and production of wiring harnesses

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