Our mechatronics department

Our mechatronics department covers, with their solutions, an important part of the CMORE Automotive portfolio. In our workshops in Lindau, Böblingen and Frankfurt, which sums up an area of more than 600 m², we develop and produce customer specific components as well as equip complete prototype vehicles dedicated for testing the new systems. Along these, the functional and mechanical sensor integration as well as the operation and maintenance of prototype vehicles and test fleets are conducted within these areas.

In addition, we develop customer specific concepts for complex prototype systems, endurance tests and system tests and herewith support the customer throughout the entire project.

Furthermore, we integrate in the vehicle corresponding measurement systems to the required sensors, to record and manage all the necessary data. We install the measurement systems into customized carrier systems, so that we can save space and ensure clear overview of the components.

With our PODBOX we offer a multifunctional measuring and diagnostic system, which can be optimally installed due to its small dimensions.

In order to complement the design, we develop customer-specific components such as control panels, monitor and camera mounts. Products such as our POWERMANAGEMENT ensure that all components of the assembly are supplied with the required energy.

The equipped vehicles will then be on the road in all parts of the world and will collect enormous amounts of data, which will be used to validate the systems in the further course of development.
CMORE Automotive’s service not only includes driving the prototype vehicles, but also planning the routes across all countries as well as technical support during the journey.

Thus, CMORE Automotive covers all necessary operation steps from concept to realization.