New solutions portfolio for autonomous driving

Based on the requirements and needs of the market, we have expanded and restructured our solution portfolio to address the entire development and validation chain for autonomous driving. Our new portfolio is divided into five focus areas: validation, data, software, vehicle systems and measurement solutions.

At each stage, we offer a range of services, tooling and consultation essential for every project. Here you can find a short overview of our new portfolio:

Validation Solutions - Get new systems ready-to-go

Everything from customized test and validation concepts, as well as the complete planning and conduction of tests in the laboratory, on the test track or on open roads, to provision of the necessary equipment and personnel for performing test drives.


  • Validation concepts and management
  • Vehicle prototyping
  • Vehicle system testing (NCAP, NHTSA)
  • Test series & crash targets (turn-key service)
  • Data collection
  • Benchmarking and performance testing
  • KPI specification & data analysis

Data Solutions - Turn data into value

The turn-key solution for handling big data and generating enriched data for the training and testing of AD algorithms and functions.


  • Data strategy and concepts
  • Data management
  • Data annotation services & tooling
  • Algorithm development & automated annotation solutions
  • Data visualization
  • Data enrichment & KPI analysis
  • Simulation

Software Solutions - Make the systems think and act

From embedded software for electronic control units to the development of embedded, web, mobile and desktop applications. Comprehensive support during the entire automotive validation loop according to standards such as AUTOSAR, ASPICE, ISO26262.


  • Validation systems application
  • KPI scripting
  • Embedded software
  • Software testing
  • Cyber security
  • Functional safety

Vehicle Systems Solutions - Engineer the ground truth

Detailed concepts for referencing systems (ground truth systems) for validation of ADAS/ AD systems, with a focus on sensor integration, calibration tasks and data processing.


  • Requirements engineering
  • Ground truth systems (GTS)
  • Consulting
  • Sensor calibration and engineering
  • Modular GTS interior (Drive State Monitoring)
  • Modular GTS exterior

Measurement Solutions - Make your system measurable

From measurement platforms, equipment and frameworks used for ECU data collection to the analysis of vehicle status and monitoring of ADAS/AD systems during test drives.


  • Measurement concepts
  • Customized test systems
  • Data logger & flash cases
  • Power management
  • User interfaces Frameworks (software/ hardware)