Data solutions for autonomous driving

Autonomous driving is currently the greatest challenge facing the automotive industry. Enormous amounts of data have to be recorded, stored, managed and structured to train and test the necessary algorithms. OEMs and suppliers can hardly realize this on their own, which is why competent support is necessary. We are one of the few strategical consulting and technology partners who is specialized in data solutions for autonomous driving.

Comprehensive service portfolio revolving around data

We develop data solutions for autonomous driving.Our service comprises of solutions for handling large amounts of data as well as generating high-quality data for the training and validation of AD systems. Additionally we cover the creation and setup of data strategies, data concepts and data management infrastructure. Our portfolio also includes software tools and services for data annotation as well as intelligent algorithms for automated annotation solutions. Individual data and KPI analysis round off our range of services.

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Leistungsfähige Datenlösungen für autonomes Fahren