Turn-key solution for the validation of Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)

Driver monitoring systems are used in vehicles for observing driver's behaviour. There are many use cases in which these systems contribute to the realization of one of the most eagerly-pursued goals of the automotive industry - the autonomous driving.

From active and passive driver assistance systems to driver-vehicle interaction functionalities, driver monitoring systems are playing an important role in the development process of each one of them.

Car manufacturers and suppliers which are developing driver monitoring systems need to be sure that their systems are working perfectly and communicate the right data to other systems in the vehicle. Therefore, a DMS shall be reliable, efficient and precise. Hence, our turn-key solution for the validation of driver monitoring systems (DMS) includes:

  • Ground Truth Systems Concepts
  • Ground Truth Systems Development & Setup
  • Ground Truth System integration into the vehicle
  • Data collection
  • Data annotation
  • KPI Analysis

We have got all the necessary steps right up to final validation covered and we ensure optimal results for every project scenario.

Learn more about our solution on the dedicated webpage " Turn-key solution for the validation of driver monitoring systems".

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