Efficient management of test vehicles with the CMORE Automotive Test Vehicles Management App

Test vehicles are equipped with multiple sensors like LiDAR, Radar and Camera to record all the required data during test drives. Based on the individual compilation of those components every vehicle is unique, which has the consequence that the documentation and administrative expenses are high during the preparation of the prototype. Additionally, the sensor configuration must be updated after every exchange of hardware or software. To facilitate this administrative effort, CMORE Automotive has developed the Test Vehicles Management App.

With the help of the App the changes in the configuration of the prototypes can be conducted in real-time by scanning the sensors. Those data are always available via the mobile application for smartphones or the specific web application, no matter if the car is in the prototype workshop or on an international test drive. This ensures that the latest information about the installed hardware and software is always available.

With the Test Vehicles Management App a central and efficient management tool was realized. It enables an overview of all projects, vehicles and components and provides a complete history of the vehicle updates and the test drive details. Those functions ensure that neither contradictory nor outdated vehicle information can occur. Based on this, test drives with wrong sensor configurations or outdated software are avoided and the amount of resources are reduced.