The new version of our development and validation framework C.FRAME 2.7 offers new features and an improved usability.

The first innovation is the GigE Vision Parser. It makes it possible to convert raw data captured as Bayer patterns into RGB images for visualization.

Now we come to the BirdEyeView module. Thanks to this new feature, the data sent by a 3D sensor under test can be compared with the data sent by a reference 3D sensor. Based on this it is possible to make fast and easy statements about the accuracy. For this purpose, the reference data of a series LiDAR are visualized as circles and the data of the RADAR under test are visualized as crosses.
If the crosses are inside or near the circles, it can be assumed that the RADAR has the appropriate accuracy. In addition, both the colors of the displayed data and the viewing angle can be changed to make evaluation as easy as possible. In addition, it is possible to display the specific properties of a desired data point like the coordinates, intensity or speed.

In addition to these innovations, the focus of C.FRAME 2.7 was on improving usability, improving stability and eliminating errors in order to guarantee reliable use of C.FRAME.

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