Version 2.6 of our development and validation framework C.FRAME offers you new features and a better cooperation with C.DATA.

Let's start with the new LAS parser module. With it, it is possible to divide LAS files, which consist of several million point data, into smaller sections. This makes it possible to annotate the point cloud and continue using it. The number of points displayed can be easily defined in the configuration field, allowing the size of the point cloud to be adjusted as required.

Another improvement concerns the visualization and handling of our in-house CREC file format. It is now possible to extract individual streams of a CREC file using the CREC editor. This makes it possible, for example, to view the camera images individually in order to quickly carry out initial checks.

The handling of CREC files has been improved by the possibility of sequential playback. While in previous versions it was necessary to play several CREC files manually one after the other, it is now possible to play them automatically based on a sequence in the file name (name, date etc.). This simplifies and accelerates handling and reduces manual effort.

As mentioned earlier, the collaboration between C.FRAME and C.DATA, our platform for integrated development and validation of autonomous mobility, has been further intensified. The tagging module was implemented for this purpose. It allows to add information such as the weather and road situation during the visualization of the recorded data.

This function is already known from our PODBOX, which allows this only during the endurance run and not offline afterwards. The tags are freely selectable by the user. In addition, it is now possible to visualize label information such as bounding boxes in C.FRAME.

Thus, data originally recorded with C.FRAME and registered in C.DATA can be annotated there using C.LABEL. This data can then be visualized again in C.FRAME. This shows once more the smooth cooperation of the CMORE Automotive Tool-Chain.

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