Version 2.5 of our development and validation framework C.FRAME offers new features.

In addition to H.264, C.FRAME 2.5 enables H.265 video encoding on NVIDIA graphics cards to manage the enormous amounts of data captured during development runs more easily, thus supporting even greater compression of video files. Encoding on the graphic card makes the process much faster and can run in the background. Depending on the user's requirements, encoding can be lossless (large amounts of data) or lossy (small amounts of data).

Thanks to the new Synchronizer module, it is now possible to combine point cloud data captured by different LiDAR sensors and display it as a single point cloud. Based on this, algorithms can be trained with higher accuracy.

C.FRAME 2.5 makes it possible to split files saved in the CMORE Automotive file standard CREC. This allows large data sets to be split in a meaningful way to simplify handling and transfer. The splitting can be done according to three different criteria (time in seconds, entries or number of single files). In addition, it is possible to extract individual sequences and split them based on the criteria listed above.

Additionally, to this main package we have improved our software to meet the requirements of the market.

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