The new version 2.4 of our development and validation framework C.FRAME provides new features.

Video files can now be compressed up to 10% of the original file size because H.264 video encoding is supported on NVIDIA graphics cards. Encoding on the graphics card makes the process much faster and can run in the background. Depending on the user's requirements, encoding can be lossless (large amounts of data) or lossy (small amounts of data).

With the newly implemented oscilloscope module, data streams from the connected sensors can be visualized. This makes it possible to compare the data streams and assign the data to each other in time.

In order to simplify the cooperation of all CMORE Automotive tools, it is now possible to store data directly in C.FRAME in CREC format. This file format is the basis for the smooth cooperation of our tools and avoids conversion during the development process.

To further improve user-friendliness, C.FRAME now offers the option of displaying optional error messages. All error messages are displayed in a pop-up window. In addition to the warning light already implemented in version 2.3, the messages ensure that malfunctions are immediately visible in the configuration.

In addition, data from the LiDAR Pandar64 from Hesai Photonics Technology can now be interpreted by C.FRAME and visualized live or from recordings.

For further details please visit our product page https://www.cmore-automotive.com/produkte/software-tools/cframe/. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at sales(at)cmore-automotive.com.

Download our free C.FRAME Freemium version at: https://www.cmore-automotive.com/produkte/software-tools/cframe/.