Our new version of the development and validation framework C.FRAME, is now compatible with other frameworks. The integrated ROSbag module allows C.FRAME to read, analyze and evaluate datasets collected with  ROS framework. In addition, it is possible to read and replay .avi video data format.

C.FRAME 2.3 adds support of two additional radar sensors – ARS 308 and ARS 408. Furthermore, CAN FD as a new BUS type can be read.

These useful changes in the interface of C.FRAME makes it more user-friendly. On the left upper corner are four new buttons. The first one is to actualize the configuration. The next one is the “clear config” button which deletes the drawn configuration in the “ModulesView”. The third button is the play button. With a click on this all modules start to work. The last one is the stop button which stops all the running modules in the configuration.

On the upper right corner of the framework, we have designed a data traffic light system to improve the usability especially for the test drivers. If all modules in the ModulesView window are on standby, the yellow light will light up. If all modules are running and no error occurs, the green light will light up. If one module has an error because it cannot receive data, then the red light in the middle will light up. The data traffic light will show the number of the modules involved as well.

Additionally, to this main package we have improved our software to meet the requirements of the market.

For further details you can contact us at sales(at)cmore-automotive.com or check out our product webpage and download the C.FRAMR 2.3 freemium version.