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Get high-quality labeled data in 2D and 3D, with reduced costs and time input, thanks to the automated technology of C.LABEL


High quality training and test data are essential for the development of algorithms and functions for various automotive and industrial applications.

C.LABEL is an easy-to-useflexible and extendable labeling software designed for the efficient annotation of data required for the development of autonomous driving algorithms and functions, as well as the testing and validation thereof.

Key Features:

  • Automatic prediction of labels supported by intelligent algorithms
  • Annotation of 2D and 3D sensor data (camera, RADAR, LiDAR)
  • Annotation of key points and parts
  • Available labeling methods: bounding box, semantic and point cloud labeling
  • User-friendly, swift and sleek UI
  • Flexible definition of object categories and properties
  • Automatic calculation of KPIs in respect of labeling process, labeling quality and training
  • Support of various input formats


 User interface  Labeling methods

CAL – CMORE Automation Levels for Labeling

Efficient labeling comprises the labeling of the data itself and continual quality control as well as effective correction mechanisms.

Thanks to our intelligent processing strategies (e.g. deep learning, interpolation and extrapolation, or automatic object recognition) the manual labeling effort is reduced while the quality of the data in the labeling process is improved.

CAL is our classification scheme for levels of automation in labeling tools. Our development approach strives for fully automated labeling by continuously developing algorithms and functions which can perform on certain automation levels according to project requirements.

User-friendly, swift and sleek user interface

The user interface of C.LABEL is designed to minimize the effort of the user by providing special features and enabling a flexible configuration depending on individual needs.


  • Multi-View and tabbing functionality
  • Flexible configuration of object types
  • Definition of global group and class properties
  • Definition of mandatory and optional properties
  • Various element types (checkbox, drop-down list, number, etc.) for defining properties
  • Creation and visualization of comprehensive statistical reports

Multi-view and tabbing 

The multi-view and tabbing functionality allows the user to visualize several data streams simultaneously as well as to drag them freely into the tool frame or view on a second monitor.

Labeling Methods in C.LABEL

Bounding Box Labeling

Point Cloud Labeling

Semantisches Labeling

Benefits to your business

We can help you with the clarification of label specifications and project requirements, so that your ground truth data suits your needs.

We provide you with additional cost-effective solutions for large labeling projects encompassing project management, data management, workforce and much more.

Check out our page Turn-key Labeling Solutions for Automotive Data and learn more about how we can support you.

C.LABEL is part of C.IDS—CMORE Integrated Data Solutions.

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