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visualize and simulate your data

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A flexible solution for the development and validation of ADAS / AD functions and algorithms

One of the biggest challenges faced in autonomous driving is the acquisition, visualization and analysis of data from the various sensors required for the development, testing and validation of ADAS/AD functions and algorithms.

C.FRAME has been developed to meet this challenge. As a flexible and extensible software solution, all of these functionalities are combined in one tool. Using a variety of modules, C.FRAME can read, record and playback both 2D and 3D sensor data.

Following acquisition, the generated data can be processed using additional modules, such as object detection algorithms. Once the data have been processed they are primarily used for the simulation of AD functions and algorithms (SIL).

Thanks to its optimal design, the Software Development Kit (SDK) ensures the high flexibility and extensibility of C.FRAME by allowing the easy integration of various sensor types. In this way, we offer our customers the opportunity to independently adapt the software and, with that, integrate their own components and algorithms.

C.FRAME can be used either in the laboratory for simulations or in the vehicle during test drives for the testing and validation of automotive functions and algorithms.

As a complementary service, our team of experts can flexibly adapt C.FRAME to meet different project requirements.


C.Frame Download Formular

C.FRAME Freemium

Your free framework for data acquisition and visualization.

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In return for the free download, we kindly ask for your contact details so that we can obtain your feedback on the product and any suggestions for improvements. Following the download, we reserve the right to contact you regarding your experience with the product. As soon as we have received your feedback, your data will be deleted so that no further storage is necessary. Additionally, you may request for your data to be deleted at any time or revoke your consent for the data to be processed. In this case, an email to info@cmore-automotive.com is sufficient. Your data will not be transferred to any third parties under any circumstances. We thank you for your support.

You can revoke your consent regarding contact at any time. To do so, please send an e-mail to info@cmore-automotive.com

Key Features:

  • Support of both Windows and Linux
  • Modular and highly extensible software via an SDK
  • Various possibilities for data visualization, including videos and 3D point clouds
  • Recording and playback of data from various sensors
  • Storage of multiple high-bandwidth channels in the freely available HDF5 data format
  • Graphical development environment for the creation of configurations


  • Easy and self-explanatory operation
  • Possibility for rapid prototyping
  • Optimal hardware utilization via freely configurable multithreading
  • High stability and reliability due to the employment of proven technologies
  • Individual and application-specific development for every use case
  • Customized adaptations by CMORE Automotive
  • Cost efficiency due to an attractive licensing model
  • Eye-friendly dark mode


A solution for every need

C.FRAME Freemium

Download the easy-to-use C.FRAME Freemium and get to know our software. You can test the recording and playback of 2D webcam data, and even 3D LIDAR data from the Velodyne Puck.

Get started on a small project by ordering our reference Camera Bundle, consisting of C.FRAME Freemium + USB digital camera.


With a range of functions tailored to your needs, C.FRAME Light is the ideal and cost-effective solution for your specific application, such as the integration of industrial sensors.

Our team of experts can adapt various functionalities to fit your specific use case and requirements.

C.FRAME Studio

Thanks to the Software Development Kit (SDK), C.FRAME Studio supports you in development by allowing the simple and fast integration of your own components.

With this version, you have full access to the module library with various sensors. With just a few clicks, you can create functional configurations.

C.FRAME Suite Feature Matrix

A solution for every need

Features C.FRAME Freemium C.FRAME Light C.FRAME Studio
Operating Systems
  • Windows
  • Linux
Data Recording (✔)* (✔)*
Data Playback (✔)* (✔)*
Data Visualization and Widgets
  • Video
  • Point clouds
  • DBC (CAN)
JPEG Encoder/Decoder
TCP– and UDP-Communication
RTP streaming functionality
Extensibility via SDK
Module library of various sensors
Interface for Python extensions
Specific adaptations of C.FRAME by CMORE
Command Line Interface (CLI)
Camera Bundle
Measurement Platform Solution
*Data recording and replay from Webcam, USB 2.0 Digital Camera, IP Cameras and Velodyne Puck.

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C.FRAME Hardware Options

A solution for every need

Start your project immediately by combining C.FRAME Freemium with a bundle comprising a reference camera and holder. Combine C.FRAME Light or C.FRAME Studio with tailored measurement solutions to compliment every project use case.

Reference Camera Bundle

Digital Reference Camera

  • Plug & Play
  • 15 frames/sec. at 5 megapixel
  • Weight 12 g
  • USB 2.0



 Camera Holder for digital reference camera

  • Flexible positioning
  • Fixation via suction cup
  • Lightweight
  • Strain-relieved connectioncable

Modular Measurement System

  • Storage up to 32 TB
  • Permanent recording rate of 8 GBit/s
  • Integrated WLAN, LTE, GPS
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces

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