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Software Tools

Our software tools offer valuable support and smart solutions for generating ground truth data, needed in the development of algorithms and functions for autonomous driving. On one hand the data needs to be aqcuired, on the other hand the data needs to be annotated respective enriched in order to provide the best value.

We are putting at your disposal a cost-effective framework for data acquisition and automated validation, along with a smart software application for data annotation or data enrichment. Our extensive expertise in the area of ADAS and autonomous driving technologies allow us to define the right specifications in order to bring your development project to success. 


An extensible framework to acquire, visualize and simulate your data

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C.FRAME contains all the features required for recording data, analyzing the results in replay mode as well as performing simulations.

The advanced architecture of C.FRAME as well as the clear and intuitive user interface simplify the development and integration of new components using standardized interfaces.


A smart and efficient way to annotate your data in 2D and 3D

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The quality of training and test data is essential to the development of algorithms and functions for various automotive and industrial applications.

C.LABEL with Active Learning Loop (ALL) makes the user independently aware of objects and thus improves the labeling process enormously.

C.LYTIX Server

Highly secure online analytics of in-vehicle data

C.LYTIX Server enables test engineers to access, analyze and monitor in-vehicle data remotely from their desks, while the test vehicle is running on the road in a test drive.

Remote calibration, pre-labeling, online data analysis during test drives, fleet and track monitoring are the main advantages in using C.LYTIX in combination with PODBOX – the multifunctional measurement and diagnostic platform of in-vehicle data.

Measurement Systems

A key factor in the development of autonomous driving is data collection and management. Due to the large volume of data involved, particular technical and logistic challenges arise in measurement technology. We offer the best tools and concepts for the capturing and handling of the data.


    • Control unit diagnosis and calibration
    • Data logging
    • Automated tests and reports
    • Data analysis
    • System monitoring
    • Documentation of test drives

    Flash Cases

    • Flashing in mobile production line or in the vehicle
    • Power supply via 220/110 V or 12 V
    • Installation of additional functions possible
    • Peripheral Hardware: Mini-PC, label printer, monitor, compact keyboard, hand scanner, USB switch, voltage converter, cable sets for connecting the ECUs

    Seat Wedges

    • Multiple installation options (in vehicle interior, boot)
    • Anti-slip function
    • Adaptable to all types of seat 
    • Lightweighting construction with maximum loaf-bearing capacity
    • Adjustable size to suit application and dimensions of built-in equipment

Measurement Equipment

We offer customised hardware and software solutions for rapid prototyping and series development and are your partner for professional construction services. In our workshop we develop and manufacture custom-engineered components like monitor- and hard disk drives, SSD mounts, cable assemblies and we also offer the entire equipment of prototype vehicles for the testing of new systems.

From concept to production in small series – With us you get all services from a single source!

  • Mobile Camera Mounts

    • Flexible positioning (rotating and swinging) 
    • Several angles of inclination for front, rear and side windows
    • Mounting with a high-suction cup; lightweight
    • Adaptable for various types of cameras
    • Strain-relieved connection cable
    • Accessories such as lenses, connector plugs and extension cables are available on request 

    Double Camera Mounts

    • Sturdy aluminum construction and compact design
    • Protection against inadvertent adjustments by worm gear and clamp screen
    • Smooth fine adjustment of cameras in two axes with worm gear
    • Fixation to windscreen (fixation block glued)
    • Attachment for one or two cameras (adaption for further cameras possible)
    • Plastic cover for additional protection of mount and cameras (optional)
    • Mobile mounting with high-suction cup (optional)

    Reference Systems

    • Reference kit „C.REF“
    • Determination of accuracy and range
    • Accuracy of detection sensors by passive and active sensor systems
    • In-house sync matching procedures allow time synchronization of reference and sensor setup



Crash Target Systems

A challenge in the future will be so-called VRUs (vulnerable road users), which will be a focus for future standardisation. VRUs are basically mobile road users such as cyclists, motorbike users and wheelchair users who are more difficult for current environmental sensors to detect. For this purpose, we use different targets for standard tests, which simulate real vehicles and people in order to determine the performance of the camera and radar sensors. 

Vehicle Crash Target

  • Flexible, inflatable weight- and cost optimized solution that is easy to transport
  • Collision at higher speeds does not damage the test vehicle
  • Detected by different sensor technologies
  • Designed to simulate the Radar Cross Section (RCS) of a real passenger car
  • Net weight of 3 kg
  • Assembly time ca. 5 minutes
  • Increased stability by addition of extra weights possible
  • Dimensions: Lenght = 120 cm; Breadth = 168 cm; Hight = 150 cm

Pedestrian Crash Target

  • Life-like figure
  • Stiff joints
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Further positions and models



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