Autonomous. Connected. Innovative.

Autonomous and Connected

Since our foundation in 2011, the focus lies on the development and global validation of future mobility concepts. With our highly-qualified team of experts, we support numerous international Automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Not only do they profit from our competence, flexibility and independence, but also from a wide range of services, product offerings and an excellent partner network. At eight national locations we maintain a family working atmosphere and live intercultural communication in complex research and series projects.

By continually adapting to global market needs, we offer innovative solutions and products in all development phases. This also includes complex automotive ECU software, self-learning software tools for data analysis as well as complete vehicle measurement systems for the generation of reference data. Test vehicles are equipped and prepared in our own prototype workshops in order to validate the functions and systems efficiently and purposefully.

Autonomous and connected, we bring your products into the vehicle!

Managing Directors

In May 2011, Richard Woller founded together with Gregor Matenaer the company CMORE Automotive GmbH in Lindau at Lake Constance. The two founders and managing directors complement each other perfectly in their know-how and specialist knowledge and are very well known in the automotive industry. In recent years, they have jointly shaped CMORE Automotive GmbH as an innovative and established company for future mobility.

Richard Woller

Richard Woller studied electrical engineering at the Technical University in Darmstadt and started working in ADAS Business in 2004 accompanying the first series validation projects for camera- and radar-based systems at a well-known German automotive supplier. Later in 2006 he took over the management for the worldwide Test & Validation department. Then he changed to the areas Sales & Project Management performing several series and acquisition projects for safety-related radar systems. Currently Richard Woller, CEO of CMORE Automotive, is leading the departments Sales and Human Resources.

Gregor Matenaer

Gregor Matenaer studied electrical engineering with the subject of automation engineering at the Berufsakademie Mannheim and started his professional career in 1997 as a software development engineer in the field of energy transmission technology. In 2002 he began working in ADAS business at a well-known German automotive supplier as software project manager for the first radar fusion platform. In 2004 he took charge of the Test & Validation department. 2008 to 2011 he then became head of a customer center, performing core tasks of sales and project management for ADAS sensors (radar, multi-purpose camera, stereo camera and fusion platform). Currently Gregor Matenaer, CEO of CMORE Automotive, is leading the departments Research and Development, Purchasing and Finance.

Data & Facts

250 employees
500 employees in the Joint Venture EC.MOBILITY
12 locations in Germany and international
 Employees from over 20 nations
Customers from over 15 countries
8 years innovative development partner
More than 2,5 million kilometers driven
More than 400 succesful projects
2 industries Automotive 
Mobile Machinery
2011 foundation
ISO9001:2015 certificated


  • Research & Development / Prototyping Workshop 

    Lindau (Headquarter)

    Software Applications / Test & Validation / Prototyping Workshop

    Böblingen (Stuttgart) 

    Sales & Development / Prototyping Workshop

    Eschborn (Frankfurt)



  • Sales & Development




  • Sales & Development


    Test & Validierungscenter

    Gutmadingen (Immendingen)

    Joint Venture EC.MOBILITY

    Aurangabad (India)

  • Sales & Development

    Farmington Hills (USA)


  • 2017

    200 Employees

    • Joint Venture EC.MOBILITY in Aurangabad (India)
    • Offices Ingolstadt, Munich, Krefeld and Koblenz
    • Business Unit C.IDS (CMORE Integrated Data Solutions)
    • Intelligent labeling services
    • Automated 2D/3D object detection
    • Global fleet management
    • Systems Engineering 


    125 Employees

    • Office Eschborn (Frankfurt)
    • 5 years of CMORE
    • Start as training company for informatics
    • Launch C.FRAME & C.LABEL
    • Overall validation strategies for ADAS systems
    • E-Mobility applications
    • Concepts for reference systems


    60 Employees

    • Prototyping workshop Böblingen
    • Operation of radar hall
    • Membership Bayern Innovativ
    • Full vehicle construction services
    • Mobile machinery applications
    • Full validation for OEM radar applications
  • 2014

    50 Employees

    • Market extension to Asia
    • Endurance tests throughout Europe
    • Top 3 nomination at Bayerischer Gründungspreis 2014
    • Development for instrument clusters 
    • Development start of software products C.FRAME & C.LABEL


    39 Employees

    • ISO 9001 certification
    • New branch office in Böblingen
    • Prototype workshop in Lindau
    • Start of development Active Learning Loop (cost sensitive learning)
    • Image processing algorithms 
    • Concepts for vehicle measurement systems


    20 Employeees

    • Foundation of CMORE Automotive on 12th of May 2011
    • First consulting project for ADAS validation
    • Membership in ASAM association
    • Embedded software development for radar sensors and ADAS validation
    • First CMORE product PODBOX

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