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High-quality data is fundamental for a solid development as well as reliable testing and validation of new mobility systems.

With C.IDS - CMORE Integrated Data Solutions - CMORE Automotive focuses on an integrated platform for managing, distributing, analyzing and enriching automotive data, necessary in the development, testing and validation of intelligent mobility systems of the future.

Using tools, systems and services as well as professional consultancy, C.IDS transforms raw data into valuable output. From state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms and software applications to customizable and fulfilling data solutions – all are covered under the C.IDS umbrella.

In cooperation with partner providers, C.IDS offers a fully customizable menu of options for your project.

The C.IDS Spectrum

The C.IDS project approach includes the following deliverables:

1. Consulting services with reference to:

  • requirements analysis
  • project management for data-focused projects
  • identification of corresponding project resources and complete solution definition
  • infrastructure analysis and development
  • continuous quality improvement 
  • best partners/providers recommendations and selection

2. Full annotation services, organized by CMORE:

  • Turn-key labeling solutions for huge amounts of data – from consulting, management and automated annotation tools to a specialized and scalable workforce.

3. In-house developed products:

  • Software application for data enrichment
    • C.LABEL – A smart and effective way to annotate your data
    • Automated annotation framework
  • Software application for data recording and analysis
    • C.FRAME – An extensible framework to acquire, visualize and simulate your data

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