Platform for an integrated development and
test of autonomous mobility

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Due to the development of autonomous mobility the automotive industry constantly has to face new challenges. A huge amount of recorded and processed data needs to be managed. Worldwide distributed project teams must work together. Demanding requirements need to be fulfilled according to automotive standards. Solving these challenges requires a powerful infrastructure as well as an integrated toolchain.
With C.DATA we provide a platform with an open and scalable architecture to integrate all data, processes, tools and teams for a development conform to international automotive standards.

Use Cases

C.DATA supports you in all processes within the development and validation of autonomous driving functions.

  • Data Collection

    C.DATA supports you from test planning to data ingestion.
    You can:


    • Use online collected recording metadata for real-time status reports.

    • Control the entire ingest process including all sanity checks and data extraction tasks.
    • Share status of data collection and data quality with all stakeholders.

    Data Annotation

    C.DATA offers full integration of manual and automated annotation solutions.

    You can:


    • Integrate any algorithm for automated annotation.
    • Connect C.LABEL or any other annotation tool via API.
    • Manage complete annotation workflows and project teams.

    Data Processing

    C.DATA enables you to integrate and automate all processing tasks from algorithm training to re-injection. You can:


    • Register all processing tasks.
    • Use a scheduler to push processes or let processes consume taskboards (e. g. algorithms or re-injection HIL).
    • Start jobs based on individual defined workflows and playlists.
  • Data Analysis

    C.DATA provides easy-to-use reporting dashboards and flexible interfaces for extended KPI calculations.

    You can:


    • Define customized reporting dashboards and share reports.
    • Use existing scripts for KPI calculation.
    • Integrate analytics or cluster computing frameworks (e. g. Spark).


    C.DATA allows the collaboration of all stakeholders in worldwide distributed teams.

    You can:


    • Use graphical user interfaces, APIs or development interfaces.
    • Control workflows from external tools such as JIRA or PTC.
    • Link requirements, test cases, recordings and more.

Product Structure


  • Features

    • Data import applicable to all file formats and projects
    • Powerful workflow management system including support of push (schedule) and pull (consume) processes
    • Search-App to find recordings without programming skills
    • Intuitive reporting dashboard for real-time status reporting
    • Integrated user management and access control (API & GUI)
    • Open development interfaces & command line interface


    • Industry specific domain model, based on year-long experience in ADAS/AD series development projects
    • Modular architecture (µServices, Apps & APIs)
    • Abstraction of interfaces for scalability and flexibility
    • Based on established technology stack (e. g. Docker)
    • Master Management Database as global single-point-of-truth
    • Independent of scheduling technologies


Reduction of time and effort

  • ADAS/AD specific interfaces can be used out-of-the-box. Developers can focus on developing their tools and scripts.
  • Processes can be automated step by step. Each automation reduces idle time and resources.

Increase of process security

  • A process-overlapping platform reduces errors at process interfaces.
  • Data-driven development according to automotive standards.
  • Full traceability of all activities by a master management database.

Increase of efficiency

  • Everyone works from everywhere synchronized on same data.
  • Standardized interfaces and best practices lead to code re-usage.
  • Consistent reporting based on a single-point-of-truth allow faster decisions.

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