We keep track of your projects!

Each project, either in software or hardware development, is unique, just like the employees integrated in the process.Therefore, at the beginning of the product development process, in partnership with you we define the correct methods and approaches for an effective, timely andgoal-oriented execution of your projects.

Our experienced project managers accomplish even the most complex project implementations through their high level of expertise and motivation. The innovative implementation of solutions, in addition to the integration of results in the work environment, is a focal point of our business.

Our Services

  • Project management on all levels (complete projects, software)
  • Support in critical project situations
  • Leadership of our project team - a single point of contact for you as the customer


Project Examples

  • Management of complete series development projects in the field of driver assistance
  • Software project management in various driver assistance projects
  • Management of algorithm development in a driver assistance project
  • Coordination of a sponsored cooperation project (CSL)
  • Development of measurement technology components (PODBOX)